More Suggestions from Educators (on Twitter)

vvrotny @markwagner my favorite is book burro. Allows me to search other online and library locations of books I search in amazon

digimom @markwagner I used Diigo, StumbleUpon, ColorfulTabs, Evernote, FireFTP, Toodledo, CoolIris, Auto Dial, and Delicious

katjlee @markwagner add-one.... Foxmarks and Delicious

chocxtcIcon_lock @markwagner ad blocker plus, dropio, firebug, and pixlr. Will you post your presentation and other add-ons shared?

coryrobertson @markwagner Love and can't live without #CoolPreviews.

isenbergs @markwagner Fireshot, Twitterfox, and Drag& are add ons I can't live without!

mdelmuro @markwagner I use TwitterFox, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Share Video on Firefox

mia_sarx @markwagner Cooliris, Diigo, Delicious, Zotero, Download helper, Better Youtube. These are the ones I use in Firefox.

ronhoutman @markwagner zotero is one of my fav's-awesome for keeping track of research

cookp @markwagner twitbin and diigo toolbar are two of my favorites.

MikeRomard @markwagner can't wait to read it - my FF favs: Morning Coffee, Screengrab, Diigo toolbar, Foxclocks

jmaklary @markwagner IE Tab for windows, delicious, Evernote,gmail ad blocker when it works, gmarks

bcdtech @markwagner Like juice, media converter, cooliris, diigo,, evernote, read it later, google toolbar

briancsmith @markwagner Love FireFTP & DownloadHelper for FF

And on Facebook:

"Mark I have 2, not sure if you have them already. I like to have Cool'iris and Speed Dial. Cooliris is a nice little extension that will allow you to look at flickr or other images in a nice way and not have to scroll through pages of stuff. Speed Dial is an extension that Brad Fountain I think it was shared with me a while back that allows you to set a page with a number of thumbnails as favorites. It's not a must have, but nice to have set for younger kids b/c they can see the page in the thumbnail and click on it." -Tom Turner